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 We will start by the whole class brainstorming to see what we know

Then each of you will be part of a team that will examine a particular material.

  • You will need to find out information about how the materials are manufactured,
  • what elements or ingredients are used to make them,
  • and even where they are made.
    Then you will make a Power Point display (remember them from last term) to show what your team has learnt


Then, we will turn things around

  • You will create a display that uses recycled stuff and explains to other kids what happens when we recycle the products we looked at before
  • Then after we get back together, I'll actually explain how we can work out how much energy we can save by recycling

Then, junk yard dogs, I'll let you all loose on a task that will have you howling - explaining why using lots of energy is actually good.

So, 1) brainstorm 2) team examination of how stuff is made 3) making Power Point to dislplay knowledge 4) teams look at how those things are recycled, 5) Art display of recycling processes, 6) Energy saving lesson for whole class 7) Howling session

On your page called Evaluation, you will see a frame that tells you how you will be marked. Have a look and see what your tasks will be marked on - stuff like working together, making digital and media texts, and how much you've learnt about manufacturing and recycling stuff.

Now go to Process page for an exact rundown of how you will go about the task