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On this page, you will be told the steps to follow, where to find and how to organise the information

First, we will have a brainstorm to find what you know, and what you need to know more about

Second, you must look up the definition of the words on the TASK page that are underlined and write those definitions on your info. sheets (See Appendix). THIS SEET MUST BE KEPT CLEAN

 Then we will split you into three groups, to study three of the different things we recycle. The three things are paper, steel and glass..

Click on the resources page link and you will be taken to your own gangs page where all the stuff (web site, sheets etc) that you need.

You can start examining the MAKING resources, and you must write the information on your info. sheet. Remember, your sheet is to be used in assessment and must be kept clean.

When you have got all  your information collected, you can start making your power point display. Your display must use the same layout as your info. sheet.

On your power point, you must use at least  4 slides that show:
What are the raw materials, where the raw materials come from
What happens to them to make the material. Some of this will be done at home or after hours in the school PC labs

If you are finished your PPT, we will turn things around and look at recycling
First, we will visit the Tablelands Recycling Centre where will see how things are recycled by regional councils. Each team will take photos of each stage and will use these to write up a report on what they see.
Then we will survey kids, teachers, parents to see what they know about recycling and how much they recycle. The important part is to see if they how much energy will they save by recycling. You will be surprised at the answers (from the adults). We will go to a site where you can make your own graphs to show peoples survey habits. This graph link is on the main resources page. Then we will use these reports in a whole class discussion about why people bother, and why people might think the way thay do.
Each team will look at their own resources page, and learn about recycling their chosen material, once again using the info. sheets provided
When each team is finished, you will make a poster using text, images from your visit and recycled material from your home. Our Art team (Mr White) will help you with these.
After the art, making, we will have art display, when we will regather the groups and have  public explanations of our recycling displays.You must mention how much energy is saved when we use recycled stuff to make new stuff. This is important for our next and last lesson
The final part of our quest will be a whole of class lesson, where we will find out how much coal we burn when making steel a) using raw ore, and b) recycled tin cans. There is some of maths, but afterwards a pizza party to say thanks for all the hard work.