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The main inspirations for this text came from quest samples viewed by author. These samples are stored at the Webquests Direct, and initial access was by using a link provided in a web lecture by Francis Moore. Further inspiration came from quests viewed at the Bernie Dodges site, including an environmentally themed quest developed by Eric Paulson, which gave  this author valuable contextual information. The “Junk Yard Dogs” quest is the author’s creation with technical assistance by Lyn Davis. The Dogs theme is a result of the author viewing a Canterbury Bankstown football match whilst developing this quest. Below are the sites and documents that are used or linked in the quest.


Development resources



Queensland Studies Authority. (2008) Essential learnings. Retrieved September 24 from  Queensland Studies Authority web site,

Web quest information

Dodge, Bernie -

Moore, Francis -

Paulson, Eric -


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Dog image – property of author








Material group



The coal resource: a comprehensive overview. Accessed on September 28  from World coal institute site at





On line videos

Metal manufacturing video at
Glassmaking video at 

Paper making video at